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Essential Sorbents / Lymphosan

Lymphosan. Phytosorbent Series

Lymphosan is a product created 15 years ago to cleanse the body. It was one of the first products developed by Siberian Wellness. Today Lymphosan is a series of natural cleansing remedies based on the properties of fiber, which serves as a source of pectin. Furthermore, each Lymphosan product comprises a plant mixture that consists of rare Siberian plants and gives each product special properties.

How to use: 

1. Pour 6.75 oz. of warm water into a tall mug (if the water is too hot it can lead to the rapid formation of lumps).

2. In a cup filled with water, pour one teaspoon (heaping if you like) of Lymphosan. Dietary supplement (Follow these steps; otherwise the mixture will stick to the bottom of the glass).

3. Stir the resulting mixture with a narrow mixing whisk until you get a smooth thick liquid which will look like jelly. Drink the resulting mixture on an empty stomach or take with food. Do not leave the mixture around to be used again. If the recommended serving is too much for you, take this as a dietary supplement twice a day (half the recommended serving).

Essential Sorbents / Lymphosan