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Manage your moods and image!

Manage your moods and image!

Perfume collection by Siberian Wellness for the first time in Europe!

Discover the territory of temptation, sensuality, self-confidence, and great success with the new collection by Siberian Wellness! The territory of fragrances that are impossible to resist.

Siberian Wellness presents Europe's first collection of Aromapolis Olfactive Studio fragrance laboratory: three stunning new products that tell more than words can say.

The unique series by Siberian Wellness is created by world-known perfumers: the French master Lucas Sieuzac, who creates for Givenchy, Giorgio Armani, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Belen Garcia, a unique self-taught perfumer, who creates fragrances for Eurofragance.

Be confident with Fresh Fig & Sparkling Tangerine


50 ml

The noble fragrance of success and pleasure! Its owner is both a gentle and strong woman, she captivates with her beauty and strong-willed decisions.

Tempt with Golden Amber & Midnight Saffron


50 ml

The unique fragrance of passion and temptation. This fascinating oriental, woody fragrance attracts like a magnet. Feel like a queen – make men's hearts beat faster!

Charm with Dark Vanilla & Cherry Blossom


50 ml

This sensual, floral fragrance is the embodiment of charm and femininity, a synonym of energy and courageous ideas of a modern lady, surrounded by the dynamic of a metropolis.

All-natural formulas are the distinguishing feature of all Siberian Wellness products. We take nature's finest creations and wrap them in unique formulas so that you can enjoy exceptional quality. The Aromapolis Olfactive Studio series is no exception: we added up to 15% of fragrance substances and essential oils to each perfume to prolong the scent trail and increase the longevity of the fragrance up to 6 hours.

Change the perfume – change the mood with fragrances by Aromapolis Olfactive Studio!

The products are already available in E-shop and SIBERIAN WELLNESS Store.