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Meet the new Siberian Wellness website for Germany!

Innovation in everything, that's about us! We are pleased to present to all Clients and Consultants of Germany a brand-new Company website with the opportunity to buy your favorite products!

What's new?

Everything! Our online platform has become even more convenient, functional, and faster. We updated the navigation and made the product descriptions more informative. Switching between sections has also become much easier: you can navigate the website in just a few clicks.

We also added many other features to make use of the website as comfortable as possible.

But most importantly, we combined the information part of the website and Siberian Wellness E-shop. This means that you can purchase the Company's products without being distracted from reading the news and other materials.

How to get to the new website?

Click and enjoy!

Is it possible to use the old version of the website?

Yes, this is currently possible. Follow and use the former version of the resource.

Enjoy your shopping!

Notizie dall'Azienda
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