We are inviting you to become a Siberian Wellness Consultant
Build own business and earn as much as you want!
Become a Privileged Client of Siberian Wellness and get up to 15% cashback on each purchase!

5% – upon making the first purchase for 30 points and more
(about 34 €)

10% – upon overall purchasing for 50 points or more
(about 56 €)

15% – when buying for 100 points or more per month (about 112 € )

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Consultant (on Siberian Wellness consent) may add spouse or close relatives (kinship) to the Agreement. For this, you need to contact the Company's Call Centre call-centre@sibvaleo.com after one of the spouses (or kinship participants) is registered.
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Note, that signing up as the Consultant is free of charge.
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