Become a Client!

  • Make your first purchase for 30 points (≈ 35 €)* at a time and get a 5% cashback on all your next purchases.
  • As soon as the amount of all your purchases (without any time limit) reaches 300 points (≈ 350 €)*, you can get a 10% cashback on the following purchases.
  • Purchase for 100 points (≈ 110 €)* in total for a month and get a 15% cashback on all your purchases of the month!
* This includes only purchases of products from the main price list. Corporate literature and merchandise don't count.

Special Client Program!

  • Make purchases for 30 points within 3 months in a row and get a 25% discount on Food supplement*!
  • Make purchases for 30 points within 10 months out of 12 and get a Food supplement* as a gift!
* The discount is valid within the next month after the conditions are fulfilled. The products may vary depending on the country.

Cashback Crediting and Using Rules
Program participation terms

I want to become a Privileged Client

Any more questions?
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