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The Most Unusual Waterfalls of Siberia

The chapter is about how many wonderful places there are in Siberia, where powerful streams of water rush from a height of many meters and fascinate with their beauty...

Siberia is an amazing land rich in water resources. Due to the relief and climate, there are a lot of lakes (Baikal alone is worth) and rivers carrying their waters to the seas and oceans. Here you can also see the most beautiful works of nature – waterfalls, the stormy streams of which tend to break against rocks and the water surface. The sight is truly amazing when, under the piercing noise and wild beauty surrounding, you seem to be left alone with the waters, keeping the whole world aside.

Today we want to tell you about the five most interesting waterfalls in Siberia. You may have heard about some of them, but we hope that now you will want to see them too.

The Most Mysterious in Siberia: The Talnikovy Waterfall

Opened in 1975, the waterfall is located in an amazing place – on the Putorana Plateau in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, on the border of the Putorana Nature Reserve. Consisting of 15 steps, it falls from Trapezium Mountain and flows into Dyupkun Lake.

This is one of the most mysterious waterfalls in Siberia. At least because not everyone is destined to see it: the waterfall is filled with water only for a few weeks in spring while snow melting. In summer it dries up and turns into a small stream, and in winter it is frozen. Until 1990, the waterfall was considered a myth, until its first measurements were made. And then, as it turned out later, they were erroneous, since they showed a height of 482 m.

In fact, the height of the waterfall is 600-700 m, but scientists still do not have an exact figure. You can get to Talnikovy Waterfall by river or by helicopter, and you will be especially lucky if you find yourself here in rainy weather: they say that at this time the waterfall is especially beautiful.

Cascade of Waterfalls on the Shinok River: Beauty All Year Round

Shinok River's waterfalls is the most grandiose natural attraction in the picturesque valley of the Soloneshensky district of the Altai Territory. And, although they are hard-to-reach (the nearest settlement is 10 km away), nine stormy streams of water annually attract locals and tourists here: They come in summer to experience the rumbling delight, and in winter to admire the carved ice cliffs and even climb them.

Of the nine, the most famous are the first three. At first, tourists meet the Slope Waterfall, which is popularly nicknamed the Tender Mirage, as it is silent and appears completely unexpectedly. Formally, it refers to water slides, since the slope of the falling water here is only 30 degrees, and to be considered a waterfall, it must be at least 45. But all these figures do not detract from its beauty in any way.

The next waterfall is a Loose Waterfall with a height of 25 m: its peculiarity is that it first falls on a ledge, and then crumbles in pearl splashes, so it is also sometimes called a Double Jump. The third waterfall, Gray Beard – is considered the highest in Altai: it falls from a height of 72 m and rumbles down into the gorge. In winter, its frozen jets resemble the gray beard of a grandfather – perhaps this is where the official name came from. It is noteworthy that the water in these waterfalls is suitable for drinking, since its chemical composition is close to mineralized springs.

Gate to the Putorana Plateau: Red Rocks Waterfall

The waterfall is located in the gorge of the red-brown mountains, located in the Kharayelakh Range near Talnakh, Norilsk district. The stream of water breaks from the mountains with a height of 600 m in two ringing cascades directly into the purest lake with a depth of up to 9 m. Compared to other waterfalls of the Putorana Plateau, it is not large, but you can't take your eyes off it. They say that the Red Rocks is an opportunity to see the Putorana Plateau in miniature. Many tourists come here not only for the unique landscape, but also for rock climbing.

Small Zhombolok Waterfall: A Stunning Beauty

The waterfall on the Small Zhombolok River, sacred to the indigenous peoples of Buryatia, falls from a 22 m high landslide into a rounded sinkhole with a diameter of about 40 m. Century-old fir trees grow around this small lake, making this place fabulously beautiful. There are suggestions that a plain used to be located here, but due to seismic activity, a landslide occurred, creating another unique place in Siberia.

The waterfall attracts tourists every year. It gains its greatest strength in spring during high water, and in winter its jets freeze, but not in a single block, but break up into stalagmites and stalactites – a rare beauty to see. In addition to the wild beauty, there are traces of civilization near the waterfall – observation decks and stairs. There is a walkway directly under the stream, so particularly curious ones can even take an invigorating shower.

The Most Picturesque in the Altai Territory: Korbu Waterfall

This unusual bell–shaped waterfall is located in a special place – on the territory of the Altai Nature Reserve, near the Korbu ridge, on the river of the same name, which flows into Teletskoe Lake. What distinguishes Korbu from others is that it falls at an angle: a stream of water falling from 12.5 meters crashes against rocks and creates a kind of fan of spray, which sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow in sunlight and even reach tourists on the observation deck. There is a wooden eco-trail from the shore of the lake to it, which helps to protect rare species of herbs and plants, many of which are listed in the Red Book.

Truly wonderful places are found in the vast expanses of Siberia, aren't they? The greatness and power of Siberian nature manifests itself in various ways, including finding its beautiful reflection in the waters. Did you know that there are so many amazing waterfalls in Siberia?