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Отправляйся в захватывающее путешествие по бескрайним просторам Алтая, Байкала и Якутии. Познакомься с уникальной природой и погрузись в историю суровой таинственной Сибири!

The Book of Siberia

Introduction. In which Siberia turns out to be a living legend

You would be surprised, but there are not many places in the world where people have never heard of this amazing land, lost in the heart of the Eurasian continent. Most foreigners when they find out that one is from Siberia, will nod and squint saying: "Сold, bears, beauty!"

And you know, these words are not offensive at all, because they are true!


In Siberia, pristine nature retains its power and majesty despite the harsh climate. This is a land of contrasts: There is the largest (and cleanest!) lake in the world – Lake Baikal, the largest swamp – Vasyugan, the most beautiful mountains – the Altai, vast taiga areas of Evenkia, hiding incredible natural wealth, its own pole of cold (-72 °C!) and even the world's largest snowflakes!


Siberian medicinal herbs, full of vitality and wild energy, share the benefits with anyone who needs it. So, every schoolchild here knows which herbal tea will help get rid of colds, and which will vigor before the exam.


Siberian habits temper the soul, body and character. Russian sauna, ice hole swimming, contrast shower and, of course, the legendary bikini skiing. Joking aside, but if these people rest like this, just imagine the heights they can reach in their actions! Secrets of Siberian success is definitely worth learning and adding to your personal motivational piggy bank.


This is the place where amazing scientific discoveries and innovations, which literally turned the world upside down, were born. It was Siberian scientists who created the formula of youthful skin from the "living water", learned how to conserve 100% of the benefits of natural vitamins and protect the genetic apparatus of cells.


But the main thing is that people in Siberia have long ago learned to live in harmony with nature and to understand the lessons of history. Siberian shamans know the secrets of the world, the Altai healers know how to heal ailments, the Ural masters craft wonderful things from semi-precious stones hidden in the depths of the mountains. There are fascinating myths and legends about all this in Siberia, and oddly enough, many of them are helpful to each of us in the fast-paced rhythm of modern life.

Do you want to know what is the power of Siberia? What does Siberian character mean? Why is Siberian health so special and is it possible to get one? What Siberian plants do we use in our products and why do we use them?

The Book of Siberia has many chapters. Sign up and read! We promise, there will be many new things to discuss and argue about, to bust some myths and create useful habits.