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The Format of Your Mood: Long-Awaited New Perfumes in Convenient Sizes Now Available for Ordering in Germany!

Welcome the new products you have been waiting for: Siberian Wellness' top-selling perfumes now come in a 1.5 ml format. The mini fragrances are already available for ordering in the German E-shop.

108170 Aromapolis Olfactive Studio. Parfums Sélectifs 1 PRIMUM, 1.5 ml
108172 Aromapolis Olfactive Studio. Parfums Sélectifs 9 NONUM, 1.5 ml
108175 Aromapolis Olfactive Studio. Dark Vanilla & Cherry Blossom, 1.5 ml
108176 Aromapolis Olfactive Studio. Fresh Fig & Sparkling Tangerine, 1.5 ml
108177 Aromapolis Olfactive Studio. Golden Amber & Midnight Saffron, 1.5 ml

The mini format provides you with complete freedom to express yourself and expand your business. Gift fragrances with Client orders, introduce friends to the perfume collection at presentations, and create unique styles effortlessly. The compact bottle is portable, allowing you to refresh the fragrance notes anytime for a flawless appearance.