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New Product! One of the Most Important B Vitamins Is Now Available at Siberian Wellness.

A trusted ally for women in the form of soft daily intake capsules.

Folate, the naturally occurring form of folic acid, has long been recognized as a vital vitamin, especially for women. While it can be found in various foods, ensuring the daily recommended intake can be challenging with a diverse diet alone. The new Methylfolate capsules offer a solution to help women prevent vitamin B9 deficiency.

Food Supplement Methylfolate, 60 capsules

Food Supplement Methylfolate, 60 capsules


Folic acid plays a crucial role in supporting reproductive health, making it a common prescription for women planning to conceive or during pregnancy. Additionally, Vitamin B9 plays a role in numerous bodily processes. Medical research has highlighted the wide-ranging benefits of this vitamin. Folic acid contributes to normal hematopoiesis, normal psychological function, and normal immune system function. Folate also helps reduce fatigue and tiredness while promoting the synthesis of normal amino acids.

Prioritize self-care without worrying about folic acid deficiency
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