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Happy International Women's Day!

Hi there!

We have some great news! Tomorrow the girls are coming together in My Wellness Story to work some magic. We're launching a new, bright, warm and unbelievably beautiful Event to celebrate International Women's Day!

What are our pretty girls up to? Here's an idea: To throw a holiday party. Where? Let's see... A guest room? Nah! What about Eric's coffee shop? No way! We want to make it big! With flowers and fresh spring air! Oh, there was an old patio... Old, even ancient: Peeling walls, rotten floor, rubbish everywhere. Perfect! With our beloved players we'll quickly clean up the mess!

However, there is a nuance: Only a week left. Let's do it! So, build up your strength and renew your energy for the next week of hard work.

It's time to dress up, spruce yourself up, and come along! Time: Any convenient time from March 8. Place: My Wellness Story game. Special requests: Great mood! See you!