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New Year – New Sport!

If you are a fan of an active lifestyle and can not spend a single day without movement, then you definitely know about the vitamin and mineral complex by Siberian Wellness: 500284 Siberian Super Natural. Sport Mega Essentials

There is a great reason to buy an updated version of this product in February.

Food Supplement Fitness Catalyst. Mega Essentials, 162 g

Food Supplement Fitness Catalyst. Mega Essentials, 162 g


First of all, summer is only four months away, which means it is time to get in shape.

Secondly, the complex is now part of the Fitness Catalyst series, a new stylish brand of sports nutrition by Siberian Wellness.

Thirdly, the updated formula still includes key vitamins and minerals to support the body during high physical activity. In addition, we have improved the tablet coating, which no longer contains titanium dioxide.

The product code and price remain unchanged for your convenience.

Order the new product on the website or find it in the SIBERIAN WELLNESS Store!