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Annual "100 ha" Campaign: We set off!

In March, "The World Around You" charitable foundation launched its annual "100 ha" campaign, aimed at restoring forests after fires and reducing the negative effects of climate change.

Vietnam started the planting season on March 14: 47 volunteers planted 500 endangered agarwood trees in Ben En National Park. On March 17, the planting baton was picked up by Tajikistan, where 40 large pine trees were planted in the Park of Peoples' Friendship in Dushanbe. Spring plantings will take place in several other countries, including Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Serbia and Moldova, as well as 10+ locations in the Russian Federation.

Walk through the timeline

Our "25 ha" project is growing as fast as the number of Siberian Wellness trees on the Earth. It all started in 2020, when we planted the first 5 ha in the Novosibirsk region. In 2021, we launched the "25 ha" project in honor of the 25th anniversary of Siberian Wellness and organized forest planting events in 12 countries and 14 locations in the Russian Federation. As a result, together we have already planted 50 ha of forest – 200,000+ seedlings.

We created this project in order to encourage our Clients and Consultants (and, eventually, all those who are not indifferent to the issue) to take responsibility for environmental issues and to make a significant contribution to the greening of the planet. Every year, 10,000,000 ha of forest in Russia burns out, and in recent years the forests of Siberia have suffered terribly, and we, as a company with Siberian roots, had to act.

From 25 to 100 ha

As the project grows so does the ambitions. Today, the main goal of the project is to plant 100 ha of new forest every year. For some reason, we are sure that it is not the limit!

The project program includes not only the organization of planting: Young forests at all locations are subject to careful agrotechnical care during the first few years of their life. We take care of our forest and remember that one mature tree provides oxygen for a family of three for a year.

In order to make a large-scale project successful, we have developed replicable mechanics of the campaign and encourage volunteers to participate, as well as to independently organize planting at the local level: We shared information on how to find planting location and obtain administrative approval, gather people, we provide equipment, tools and planting material, cover all the necessary organizational costs. Part of the costs are borne by the participants of the campaign, who act as local project leaders.

How to participate in the project?

Anyone can take part in the planting, because the main idea of the project – a tree today, a forest tomorrow. You can join the plantings with our local project leaders on the foundation website.

If you want to plant a tree nearby your home, together with your friends and colleagues, you can also take part in the "100 ha" project: Take a photo of the planting or make a video and post it on your social media with the hashtags of the campaign: #worldroundyou, #100ha, #plustree, #fromyoutotheplanet, #siberianwellness, #worldaroundyou, #plustree, #plustree_sw. If you have already planned local plantings, now you can do it as part of the "100 ha" project by publishing a post about it on social media with the project hashtags.

100 ha per year – an ambitious, but realistic goal when we are together and when the scale of opportunities and goals coincide! Are you ready to check this out?

Become a part of the "100 ha" project:
Make your contribution to the wellness of the planet where we live, breathe and raise our children!