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Siberian Wellness Annual Sustainability Report is Released

After 25 years in business, our Company has reached a special level. It is crucial for us to take conscious action. This refers to the way the business is run, to the care for the people who have entrusted their health and beauty to Siberian Wellness for a quarter of a century, and to the relationship with nature, which incredible power inspires the creation of new products.

The stronger business becomes, the more it affects our future and the future of our planet. We are now at the point where the interests of business, people and our planet converge. Only by common efforts can we achieve the well-being of all humanity.

Our Company has always treated nature with care. And now it is more than just care. This is a plan for sustainable development, which includes a whole set of measures that affect all areas of Business, as well as People and the Planet.

In our anniversary year, we prepared the first public report on our environmental work. The Report covers all of our steps from conservation projects and planting 50 ha of forest to greening of business from the product idea, packaging and transport to the sales point and interaction with Clients.

The Siberian Wellness Sustainable Development Plan 2020-2030 is built on six directions, reflecting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Definitely, there is still a long way to go, but we have done a lot over the past year! And we are proud to share our achievements.


We work according to modern food and cosmetics safety standards and comply with all legal requirements. In addition to this, we carried out a resource consumption analysis and developed a plan to optimize water and energy consumption. We also carefully checked all treatment systems, including water and air filters, and set goals for waste reduction.


We have made an eco-audit of 300+ products and implemented internal procedures and eco-standards. We got rid of unnecessary packaging, started using more recyclable materials and less plastic. The reduction and elimination of cardboard packaging and the removal of product labels have saved 36+ tonnes of cardboard a year, that's 600|+ saved trees!

Our plans include implementing recycled materials in product packaging and using reusable solutions.

Eco-stores and offices

We have made an eco-audit of 57 SW Stores in the Russian Federation and developed a common standard for Siberian Wellness eco-stores. We plan to turn the Company's stores and offices into real eco-spaces. In the near future, we will arrange a collection of product packaging for recycling in the SW Stores.


We have developed technology for organizing 100% "green" events on a large scale. We support the initiatives of Consultants to organize their promotions.

We have also optimized transport resources, implemented separate waste collection and minimized the use of plastic at Company Events and during volunteering promotions.

Ecosystems and climate

In 2021, "The World Around You" foundation raised and invested 20+ million roubles in organizing nature conservation promotions. The most significant achievement is the planting of 50 ha of forest in 12 countries by our Consultants and staff. "25 Ha" project was a finalist of Eventiada IPRA Golden World Awards, the largest competition in Eastern Europe and the CIS.

Eco-education and culture

It is important for us to ensure the availability of expert information and to achieve a high level of involvement of Clients and Consultants in the Company's volunteer projects. For this purpose, we have developed and implemented EcoStep, an online eco-culture course (Russian and international versions available), created a telegram channel with interesting content, held a "Changing the World" online marathon, which is free and accessible to anyone, and much more.

We have done a great job in 2021. Our results were made possible largely due to the principles we follow.

1. Consistency
Siberian Wellness is steadily moving towards the greening of business and business processes, covering all areas from the idea of creating a product, its production and sale, to waste management and eco-consumer behavior.

2. Sustainability
We have formed working groups capable of making consolidated decisions on green processes.

3. Readiness to integrate system solutions
We have an ambitious goal – we want to implement an environmental management system and learn how to count our carbon footprint.

4. Consciousness
The Company's level of consciousness makes it possible to initiate long-term, complex projects: Saving rare plant and animal species in Siberia, protecting Lake Baikal, and planting trees on a large scale. It is also crucial for us to encourage global help from Consultants who are not only willing to become donors, but also volunteers to organize eco-initiatives in 60+ countries where the Company operates.

5. Eco-fund
We realize that it is business that drives and determines the economy. So, we will continue to move and work toward a model of a sustainable economy, contributing to society and preserving the wealth of our nature.

All of our goals, achievements and particular steps are reflected in the Annual Sustainability Report Talking about it is necessary and important. May the Company's achievements not only support the UN's global initiative, but inspire as many people as possible to make our future cleaner for us and our children!