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Siberian Wellness Working Hours on Christmas Day

The long-awaited magical night is just around the corner! We're sure you are looking forward to it as much as we do! So soon you and your loved ones will open presents and gather around the Christmas table.

Make these days perfect – take care of all the important things in advance! We have prepared basic information for you about changes in the working hours of the SIBERIAN WELLNESS Store, delivery services, and billing period.

SIBERIAN WELLNESS Store working hours
On the days before the holidays (December 24 and 31) SIBERIAN WELLNESS Store in Berlin is open from 9:00 to 14:00.

Courier services working hours
DHL and DHL Express do not take parcels for delivery on December 24 and 31, so we recommend you place the delivery in advance in order to get all the Christmas presents.

Billing period closure
German banks do not process incoming requests on December 24 and 31, so all the payments will be credited only after those dates.


If you want to close the billing period, we recommend making all orders now so that all payments and transfers are accounted for this year.

Merry Christmas!