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Meet New Siberian Products for a Cozy Autumn!

Winter is getting closer, which means that walks and evenings in the circle of friends and family should be even warmer and more pleasant! Make every day of November unforgettable with new products by Siberian Wellness!

We prepared two surprises for you: The first is a fragrant balsam based on true Siberian herbs, which will help you relax after a hard day. The second one is a moisturizing shampoo designed to take care of your hair in bad autumn weather.

Siberian Wellness. Aromatherapy & Massage Balsam

Siberian Wellness. Aromatherapy & Massage Balsam, 200 ml


Herbal aromatherapy and massage balsam. Feel the power and strength of Siberian nature wrapped in a unique concentrate of 7 botanical extracts that promote relaxation and rebalance the mind. Three natural assets – shea butter, sweet almond and castor oils provide easy glide and soften the skin. The blend of tea tree, fir and eucalyptus essential oils creates a comforting scent with notes of pine needles. Instantly melts into the skin; suitable for daily body care.

Siberian Wellness. Moisturizing Shampoo

Siberian Wellness. Moisturizing Shampoo, 250 ml


Soft shampoo effectively and gently cleanses hair and scalp, comfortable to use and suitable for everyday use. Aloe vera, D-Panthenol and green tea leaf extract moisturize and prevents loss of moisture, strengthen hair, leaving it silky smooth and elastic.

Enjoy the autumn and new products by Siberian Wellness!