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New Products with Hemp Oil: An Autumn Gift for Yourself and Your Loved Ones

Autumn is a perfect time to enjoy cool new products! Meet the shower gel and body cream with incredibly precious hemp oil.
Конопляный гель для душа

Siberian Wellness. Hemp Shower Gel


200 ml

Aromatic shower gel with hemp oil gently cleanses and moisturizes skin maintaining its lipid balance. Hydrolates and botanical extracts provide skin normal tonus and health.
Active ingredients: Hemp oil, sage and St. John's wort extracts, flower waters of verbena and green tea.

Конопляный крем для тела

Siberian Wellness. Hemp Body Cream


200 ml

Deep hydration body cream with hemp oil restores skin hydrophile balance, helps raise elasticity and smoothness of skin, nourishes, softens, and provides relief. It instantly sinks into the skin without feeling greasy or oily.
Active ingredients: Hemp oil, St. John's wort extracts, flower waters of verbena and green tea.

The benefits of hemp oil, enhanced by other active ingredients, can be found in all Siberian Wellness body care products.

    Hemp oil – benefits for skin:

  • nourishment and protection;
  • normalization of moisture levels;
  • elimination of dryness and prevention of peeling;
  • smoothness and silkiness.

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