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Limited Liability Company
10117 Berlin
represented by Director Goryanskaya Luiza
Unique Registration Code: HRB 108177 B
Trade Registration: Regional Court, in the city of Charlottengurg
Identification number of VAT payer: DE 258122821

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Customer service
10117 Berlin
Tel.: +49 (0) 30 2840 6980
E-mail: info_de@sibvaleo.de

§ 1 The scope of

  1. This public offer (hereinafter Company – "Offer") establishes legal relations between Siberian Health GmbH and its Clients regarding the goods listed on website http://de.siberianhealth.com (hereinafter – "Delivery of goods").
  2. The delivery of goods realized by Siberian Health GmbH are made on the basis of the Offer relevant at the time of making the order.
  3. The Offer is applied to all the deliveries in Federal Republic of Germany.
  4. The Offer will be sent to you to confirm the order on e-mail.

§ 2 Concluding contracts, registration and protection of personal data

  1. For the consignment agreement of the delivery of Siberian Health GmbH goods, one should specify his/her personal data or to log in to the personal account, and to accept the public offer. People, who already got registered as Regular Customer or Siberian Health GmbH consultants with personal Agreement Number, have right to get registered on website. While being registered on website, the Client can choose his/her name and password according to the Siberian Health GmbH's registration blank form. The Client should not give his passport to unknown people.
  2. There are no obligations while getting registered the Client on website Siberian Health GmbH, besides those ones, stated in § 2, paragraph 1, clause 6. The registration is free of charge. The Client has right to delete his personal account at any moment of time. The changes to personal account can be made at any piont of time on the Company's website on registration blanks, placed oh the website.
  3. Client's personal data, specified while registration, according to §2, paragraphs 1 and 2, are used only for contacting delivery agreements between Siberian Health GmbH and the Client, according to the German Law of protection of personal data. The Client may consent to using his/her personal data in advertising purposed, for market research and for individual offer of Siberian Health GmbH goods, but only before placing the order.
    We are conscious of the requirements of the existing legislation In data processing: data processing and use of personal data for making orders, supporting relations with Clients, as well as for our advertising campaigns. Data, which is needed is special cases, is given to our contractors.

§ 3 Presentation of goods, offers and prices, delivery and transportation

  1. Presentation of goods on website Siberian Health GmbH do not oblige them to purchasing.
  2. Our prices are final and include VAT stipulated by legislation. When you visit our website, VAT is specified in accordance with The law of Germany The amount of VAT stipulated by legislation depends on the country of shipping where the address you specify is located. You can select the country of shipping by clicking on "Select the country of shipping". Shipping and handling costs are additional.
  3. Prices on website are fixed and they include statutory value-added tax and do not include the cost of delivery and transportation.
  4. We reserve our right to refuse making the order. In this case, we immediately inform you about the impossibility of making an order and returning the money.

§ 4 Making order and contracting

Delivery Agreements between the Client and Siberian Health GmbH are made in the following way:
The Client fills out the order blank on company's website as an agreement to make the Agreement and for public offer.
Siberian Health GmbH automatically accepts the order and its notification will be received soon. This is not a guarantee of signing the agreement and it only reflects that the order was accepted and is under processing.
In case Siberian Health GmbH accepts Client's offer to make an Agreement, it will send the Client a notification on registered e-mail.

§ 5 Terms of delivery

  1. If no other terms of delivery were stipulated, the delivery is payed by the Client. The terms of payment are stated on website of Siberian Health GmbH.
  2. Terms of delivery, stated on the Company's website, are written approximately. Their compliance requires that all necessary information about the Client should be given on time, as well as agreed terms of payment and other responsibilities. In case the conditions are not followed, terms of delivery can be extended.

§ 6 Terms of payment

  1. Client should make the delivery payment immediately after having accepted the order of Siberian Health GmbH.
  2. Payment should be done by a bank card, with the help on online-banking, or by payment system PayPal.

§ 7 The reserved property right of the order is saved till the Client pays total amount for it

All the goods belong to the Till the Client fulfills all the obligations in front of Siberian Health GmbH.

§ 8 Warranty, pretentious rights

  1. Warranty service acts under all rights provided by the law.
  2. Siberian Health GmbH do not give any warranties concerning properties of the delivered goods. The description on the goods, placed on the website of the Company Siberian Health GmbH do not presuppose any kind of warranty.

§ 9 Return conditions for Consumers

  1. Conditions of return
    Legal basis for return
    You have right to recall the Agreement without stating the reason. The period for the Agreement recall (with no reason given) equals to fourteen days from the day when You or a third party specified by You, who is not the consignor, have obtained/has obtained ownership of the goods. For the Agreement recall you should inform SIBERIAN HEALTH GmbH, Charlottenstr. 77, 10117 Berlin, Tel. +49 (0) 30 2840 6980, E-Mail: info_de@sibvaleo.de by writing a post letter, a letter on e-mail or via fax. To do it, you can use the attached sample form for recall, but which is not a prescription. To meet the recall period, it is enough to send a message about a recall before the expiration of its period.
  2. The consequences of the agreement recall
    If you recall the agreement, we undertake immediately and within fourteen days from the day we have received a message about your Agreement recall, to pay out all payments that we got from you, including shipping expenses (excluding additional costs arose from the fact that you have chosen a different delivery method). For the payment recalls we use the same method payment which you have already used for the initial transaction in case you have not agreed for another conditions. The compensation is not taken for the cashback. We can refuse giving the cashback till the moment we get the goods back and till the time we get warranties that the goods were sent back. From the moment of making the recall, the goods should be returned not later than in 14 days from the moment of purchasing. You take all the responsibilities about expenditures on the recall of goods. In case of inaccurate treatment of goods that lead to loss of its qualities and properties, you have to refund all the amount of money.
  3. Exceptions
    Rights for recall will not arise or will lose its force in such agreements, as follows:
    –about the delivery of goods which are not subject to return;
    – about the delivery of goods made with Client's specification or which are adopted for private needs;
    – about the delivery of perishable goods or goods with nearest expiration date.
  4. Sample form for Agreement recall
    If you want to recall the Agreement, please, fill in the blank and send it back.

    – Address: Siberian Health GmbH, Charlottenstr. 77, 10117 Berlin, e-mail: info_de@sibvaleo.de – I/We give my consent to recall the concluded Agreement by me (*) about purchasing of following goods (*)
    – Date of making the order (*)/date of receiving the order (*)
    – Consumer's (Consumers') Surname
    – Consumer's (Consumers') address
    – Consumer's (Consumers') Signature (only for paper-based documents)
    – Date

    (*) Cross out the irrelevant information.

§ 10 Jurisdiction. Place for litigation

  1. Current legislation of the Federative Republic of Germany is applied to the given public offer and the agreements made between Siberian Health GmbH and the Client. Provisions of the United Nations Convention about agreements of international sale of goods are not applied.
  2. The chosen language in agreements isGerman.
  3. In case of disputes, the place for solving them out will be German court. If the Client does not have a jurisdiction in Germany, the place for consideration of all the diagreements between the Client and Siberian Health GmbH will be Berlin.

§ 11 Intellectual property right

Intellectual property right on Siberian Health GmbH's Internet pages, including its graphic design and all the content, in particular, all the documents, elements and programs belong only to Siberian Health GmbH and its suppliers. Making copies of pages, distributing them, handling them and reproducing them to public, without the Company's prior approval, is prohibited. Reproduction and another way of using of the published documents is allowed only for an informative purpose and for the personal usage. Any other way of reproduction and usage is prohibited. Creating links for our Internet-pages without the prior agreement are not allowed.

§ 12 Responsibility

Siberian Health GmbH is not responsible for the third parties' actions. The same applies to damages made by third parties, for example, by illegal changing of the Company's Internet pages.

§ 13 Final clauses

  1. We serve our right to make changements and amendments of the public offer at any moment of time.
  2. Any rejection the offer should be made in written form. Same applies to changement of the clause about the necessity of written form's application.
  3. If one or several provisions od the public offer expire or become invalid, in the rest of the partthe offer will remain same.

Information for consumers

If you order goods on Siberian Health GmbH website while visiting the Home page, and the goods are not connected with your commercial or enterprise activities, please, note that:
1. Language for concluding Agreements on website of the company Siberian Health GmbH is German.
2. Properties, qualities and other characteristics of goods, offered by Siberian Health GmbH, are described on website.
3. The presentation of goods on website is done only for informative purposes and is not a compulsory offer for buying the goods.
4. Agreements of the delivery of goods are contracted when you receive the confirmation on e-mail after having filled out the order blank on Company's website and having sent it via e-mail. The order will be confirmed by the Company via e-mail, given by you at point of registration.
5. Corrections in personal data can be made only before the moment of sending the order.
6. Agreement will be sent on your e-mail as well as the confirmation of the order.
7. Prices, written on Siberian Health GmbH website, are final and they already include VAT, provided by the legislation.
8. Goods should be purchased by the Client immediately after making an order by cashless payment. To make the payment by a bank card, we use SSL data transfer technology with the aim to encrypt your personal data.
9. In the rest of the cases we refer to our public offer.

Limited Liability Company
Charlottenstr. 77
10117 Berlin
represented by Director Luiza Goryanskaya
Unique Registration Code: HRB 108177 B
Trade Registration: Regional Court Charlottengurg
Identification number of VAT payer: DE 258122821

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