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The Research and Innovation Center of the Siberian Wellness

The Research and Innovation Center of the Siberian Wellness is a large research and production association, which is involved in medical and biological research, development of health programs, and production of new biologically active substances specially developed for the implementation of these programs.

The Research and Innovation Center is located in Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk. This gives a unique opportunity to develop effective cooperation with the leading research and development institutions of the world-famous scientific town, and thus create the most advanced and unique health products.

Structure of the Research and Innovation Center

The objectives of the Scientific Department include establishing scientific cooperation with the largest research and development institutions, searching for advanced developments and technologies, as well as carrying out clinical trials of dietary supplements. The ultimate goal of the Center’s efforts is the creation of its own unique recipes, which may eventually become new dietary supplements in Siberian Wellness’s product line.

The Research and Education Center is represented by professional journalists and lecturers, who develop tutorial materials and video presentations of our products, and regularly hold educational seminars on dietary supplements in various regions of the country.

The Production base allows for the most recent scientific developments of Russian scientists and Research and Innovation Center specialists to be converted into new unique products. The Corporation develops and produces more than ten new products annually. The Production base boasts several unique production lines with total capacity of up to 120,000 product packages per day.


The Research and Innovation Center of the Siberian Wellness pursues the noble mission of supporting Russian science and introducing advanced developments of Russian scientists into practice. The potential of Russian science is globally acknowledged. However, due to certain economic challenges, not all Russian developments, in spite of being truly unique, find their way to Russian consumers.

The Research and Innovation Center of the Siberian Wellness maintains close contacts with the leading R&D institutions of our country, which are involved in the development and production of unique biologically active substances, and helps bring their promising inventions to market

However, it is noteworthy that the Research and Innovation Center is a completely autonomous R&D organization with its own scientific department, research laboratories and state-of-the-art production facilities. The Center not only brings concepts of Russian scientists to life, but also creates unique, competitive biologically active products that never fail to find their consumers.

Besides, products of the Scientifically-innovative center have one more very important feature: all of them are created within the limits of complex programs of improvement of the population which are developed by experts of the center and pass test in leading research establishments of our country.

Core areas of activities of the Research and Innovation Center

  • Seek out advanced technologies and biologically active substances produced by Russian scientific institutions.
  • Large-scale clinical studies of therapeutic and preventative effects of new biologically active substances and preparations.
  • Development of health programs.
  • Development and production of new biologically active preparations.
  • Informational work: development of printed materials and software, and organization of workshops to discuss healing methods and complex use of biologically active products.