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Scientific Department

At the Research Department scientific consultants and experts work, who have significant experience in research, development, and the use of dietary supplements. In addition to its professional staff, the Research Department continuously calls on many of the leading Russian experts in this field.

The Research and Innovation Center is located in Academgorodok, a suburb of Novosibirsk. This provides a unique opportunity for developing a profitable cooperation with the leading research institutions in the world-famous Science City, and to create the most advanced and unique products for your health.

“The Research and Innovation Center carries out a noble mission of supporting our national science”

Yuri Gichev

Head of the Research and Innovation Center

Scientists of the Research and Innovation Center

Dr. Yuri P. Gichev

M.D., Ph.D. in Medical Sciences with postdoctoral degree, Professor, Member of the Russian Academy of Environmental Sciences, Head of the Russian-Bulgarian Research and Education Center, “Siberian Wellness”

Dr. Sergei Udintsev

M.D., Ph.D. in Medical Sciences with postdoctoral degree, Full Professor at the Siberian State Medical University, Director of the Company, “Biotechnology”

Dr. Vladimir Karanik

M.D., Ph.D. in Medical Sciences, oncologist of the highest category