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Endoecology – is the science that studies and develops the ways and means of maintaining the internal environment of the body as pure, thereby ensuring normal functioning of all organs and tissues. Endoecology is a new branch of scientific medicine, which is primarily meant to prevent diseases rather than to cure them, that has become vitally important in the modern world.


Undoubtedly, in the process of evolution, man would not only find internal reserves for self-preservation, but would also use various natural plants and herbs with adaptogenic properties. Adaptogens are known to have been widely used in folk medicine in Siberia, China, Altai, Tibet, and other countries of South-East Asia. References to them can be found in the earliest medical treatises on traditional Tibetan and Indian medicine. The messages of ancient healers are as convincing as ever even in the modern scientific environment. There is a branch of medicine that studies adaptive capabilities of human beings to environmental conditions and develops various ways to increase these capabilities.


Chronobiology is the science that studies the genesis, nature, principles and importance of biological rhythms, and the way they relate to human health.