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Chronobiology is the science that studies the genesis, nature, principles and importance of biological rhythms, and the way they relate to human health.

Bio-rhythms are the foundation of life. They play the key role in the ability of organisms to adapt, ensure integrity of organic and inorganic nature, and determine the course of existence for the Universe and for each of us. All living beings on the Earth, from plants to higher mammals, follow biological rhythms that depend on rhythmic changes in the external environment (daylight hours, fluctuations of the electromagnetic fields of the Earth, etc.).


The roots of this knowledge trace back to ancient times. Some of the works of Hippocrates and Avicenna, still preserved today, place high emphasis on a healthy lifestyle based on the timely sequence of the phases of activity and rest. Professor Franz Halberg is a founder of the modern school of biorhythm studies. Russian scientists have also made a significant contribution to the analysis of biorhythms — among them I. M. Sechenov, V. I. Vernadsky, and I. P. Pavlov, who believed that “there is nothing more powerful in human life than rhythm.”

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Depending on the time of day our physiological state, intellectual capabilities and even our moods vary cyclically. During the day our body is mainly focused on the processing of accumulated nutrients in order to produce energy for daytime life activity. During the night nutrients, on the contrary, accumulate, and the processes of rehabilitation and cell growth are launched. As is well known, both the human body and the environment undergo periodic changes. Yet in modern society, biorhythms most often do not correspond to the actual daily cycle (since our vital activity almost never matches actual daylight hours). This results in the unbalanced functioning of individual organs and systems. Thus, civilization is inevitably disrupting our natural biorhythm.

The science of chronobiology is quite young. In addition to studying the interconnection between biorhythms and human health, it develops methods and products for restoration and harmonization of disrupted biorhythms. This branch of preventive medicine is considered today as one of the most promising, as it influences the progression of many diseases at the very early stages.

The Siberian Wellness was one of the first companies to start practical implementation of principles of modern chronobiology, and, in cooperation with the leading Russian experts in this field, developed the first specialized line of products for chronobiological correction. These medicines, combined with a method of chronobiological correction are implemented in the Synchrovitals and Healthy Rhythms product series and are protected by Patent No. 2317822 (invention priority as of November 23, 2004).

Harmonization of body functions through restoration of natural biorhythms in the human body is another essential component of human health, and the basis for a long and active life.