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Legendary Siberian Tea

The Baikal Tea Collection Set

# 500856     40 tea bags x 1.5 g    

Discover the precious gift of nature – the splendid aroma and taste of traditional Siberian herbal tea. Carefully hand-picked by herbalists, the tea fills your day with energy and helps to escape from hustle and bustle of city life. Four flavors for perfect well-being and wonderful mood!


Laboratory of Modern Health LLC, 11/20 Khimzavodskaya St., Berdsk,
Novosibirsk Region, Russia, 633004.

Laboratory of Modern Health LLC, 11/20 Khimzavodskaya St., Berdsk,Novosibirsk Region, Russia, 633004.

Recommended use

Recommended use: 1 tea bag (1.5 g) pour over with 1 glass (200 ml) of boiling water, steep for 15 minutes, squeeze well the tea bag.


Keep out of reach of children. Not suitable for pregnant women. Store in cool and dry place at a temperature of no more than 25 °С.


Herbal tea № 2. Female harmony

Ingredients: alfalfa herb, motherwort herb, oregano herb, peppermint leaf, lemon balm herb, sage leaf.

Herbal tea № 3. Natural poise

Ingredients: Baikal skullcap root (30%), lemon balm herb, oregano herb, chamomile flower, peppermint leaf.

Herbal tea № 4. Forest breath

Ingredients:Linden flowers (23%), apple pieces (22%), oregano (20%), mint (20%), chamomile flowers (15%).

Herbal tea № 6. Natural support

Ingredients: corn silk, peppermint leaf, chamomile flower, rose hip, knotgrass herb.