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The history of success of the Siberian Wellness International started in 1996 when two young people who had just turned 20 years old, established a company to help promote innovative health and beauty products based on unique Siberian herbs for Russian and later on, international markets.

The idea to support domestic development in a time of complete dominance by imported products turned out to be a truly revolutionary act. Within just 5 years the Company grew exponentially: from a modest three products to over 368 different items, many of which were truly unique and subsequently became Russian market leaders.

The increasing popularity of the Siberian Wellness products soon raised the question of creating their own in-house production base, because those of their scientific partners couldn't cope with the ever-increasing product sales. So in 1999 the Siberian Wellness launched its first in-house production complex.

In 1999 the Siberian Wellness launched its in-house production

Very soon after that, in 2001, the Corporation’s Research and Innovation Center was created, bringing together all the scientific partners of the Siberian Wellness, who had previously worked as independent research and production entities. This allowed for the establishment of a constant exchange of scientific ideas and the creation of new and absolutely unique recipes that were now being patented as of 2007.

In 2001 the Corporation’s Research and Innovation Center started its activities, and in 2007 the first patents were obtained

The development of their own unique and patented products based on wild Siberian herbs made it possible for the Siberian Wellness to enter the international market with competitive products. Active promotion of the Company's brand on the international market started in 2004.

Today the Siberian Wellness has successfully opened 59 corporate offices in 51 different cities in Russia.

Company has Representative Offices in more than 20 countries and delivers products to more than 60 countries worldwide!

Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, rep. Belarus, rep. Moldova, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Vietnam, Turkey, Serbia, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, the United States, Mexico.

Concurrently Siberian Wellness’s expansion advances at a steady pace. To ensure constant revenue growth the Siberian Wellness opened an ultra modern production complex in 2007. In 2010, only three years after opening, Siberian Wellness upgraded and expanded the production complex. The Company is constantly expanding its range of products, introducing more than 25 new products annually and improving recipes at the right moment, taking into consideration the most recent scientific achievements and innovations.

In 2016 the Company opened new manufacturing complex which meets current Russian and international standards of GMP and ISO 9001 (2008).

However, the most important thing in the 20-year history of the Siberian Wellness
is the Success Stories of our partners.

Thousands of the ordinary people have achieved Success due to their persistent work independent of their age, gender and educational level. They have gotten an opportunity to earn a steady monthly income, to fulfill their wildest dreams, to travel to the most beautiful places in the world, and often for the first time in their lives!