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For every need    Series
Price: 4.92 euro
Food Supplement "Lymphosan J Comfort", 90 g
Food supplement with collagen hydrolysate, cellulose and botanical extracts.
Price: 16.26 euro
Food Supplement "Formula 4 N.V.M.N", 120 capsules
Food supplement with vitamins C, E and A and alpha lipoic acid.
Price: 18.30 euro
Hair care    Face care    Body care    Sun Care    For Kids
Price: 0.95 euro
Siberian Wellness    Experalta Platinum    L'INSPIRATION DE SIBÉRIE    Siberian Pure Herbs Collection    SPA Collection    Vitamama BABY    Aromapolis Olfactive Studio    Siberian balsams
Price: 0.95 euro
Materials about products    Attributes
Price: 1.36 euro
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Service Terms and Conditions

Dear Customers!

Terms and conditions for the Siberian Wellness online store:

Our online store is based on strict compliance with the Company's policies and standards as well as the laws of the country concerned.

  • Only Consultants and Clients who have signed an agreement with the Siberian Wellness Company and have an individual registration and account number can purchase from the Siberian Wellness online store. You can learn further details in re signing the agreement here.
  • You can find Siberian Wellness brand products for purchase by looking through our catalog. You also have an opportunity to learn more about the products presented in the online store as all products are accompanied by additional information about them.
  • Looking through our online store assortment you can start adding products to your shopping cart right away. Also, you can always look through the products you have selected in your shopping cart (you can find it in the upper part of the web page). In the shopping cart you can see the total amount of your order before shipping and there is an option for deleting previously selected products. The online store allows you to purchase products not only by using your own registration number, but also by using the registration number of your Consultant or Privileged Client. You will also see these orders in your shopping cart including the registration number and the order total.
  • After adding all the desired products to the shopping cart please click the "Next" button and you'll be transferred to the page where you can select shipping methods.  You'll have to specify your shipping address and other contact information.
  • After selecting the shipping method the cost of shipping to the specified address will be added to the order cost.
  • After placing an order in our online store the order receives a number and you'll receive a notice at the email address that you specified on the order form. Using this number you can track your order.

Should you have any more questions about the service you can contact us at the phone numbers and addresses specified on the "Contacts" page.

Information for customers
In case of Retail Sales Agreement, concluded remotely with SIBERIAN HEALTH GmbH

Dear Client!
If you order products via SIBERIAN HEALTH GmbH E-shop that cannot be attributed to your commercial or business professional activity, please note:
1. The main language for concluding an Agreement via the website of SIBERIAN HEALTH GmbH is German. Exception – if the English language was selected when placing an order on the website: the Agreement will be concluded in English. However, the correspondence is always carried out in German.
2. The essential properties, quality and other characteristics of the products offered by SIBERIAN HEALTH GmbH are available in the products description on the SIBERIAN HEALTH GmbH website.
3. The presentation of SIBERIAN HEALTH GmbH products on the SIBERIAN HEALTH GmbH website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a binding offer for the supply of SIBERIAN HEALTH GmbH goods.
4. Supply Agreement between you and SIBERIAN HEALTH GmbH is concluded only at the time you receive an order confirmation from SIBERIAN HEALTH GmbH by email, after you have filled out the order forms on SIBERIAN HEALTH GmbH website and sent it by email. Order receipt is confirmed by email that SIBERIAN HEALTH GmbH sends at the email address you provided during registration.
5. Possible errors in data while placing an order can be corrected on the SIBERIAN HEALTH GmbH website using the delete and modify functions before your order is sent.
6. The text of Agreement will be sent to you by e-mail along with confirmation of order receipt (order receipt notification).
7. Products prices specified on SIBERIAN HEALTH GmbH website (in E-shop) are final. Prices include VAT stipulated by the relevant legislation.  The amount of VAT stipulated by the legislation depends on the selected country, where we deliver the goods according to the delivery address you have specified.  When you visit our website, specified prices include VAT in accordance with The law of Germany.  The amount of VAT of the final price may vary depending on the selected country.
8. The goods delivered by SIBERIAN HEALTH GmbH must be paid by the Client as soon as the order is received by SIBERIAN HEALTH GmbH. The order is paid by non-cash payment. For non-cash payment, we use SSL data transfer technology to encrypt your personal data.
9. In all other respects, we refer to the General Terms of Bargain Conclusion.

Limited Liability Company
Charlottenstr. 77
10117 Berlin
represented by Director Goryanskaya Luiza
Unique Registration Code: HRB 108177 B
Trade Registration: Regional Court, in the city of Charlottenburg
Identification number of VAT payer: DE 258122821

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