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For every need    Series
Price: 4.92 euro
Food Supplement "Lymphosan J Comfort", 90 g
Food supplement with collagen hydrolysate, cellulose and botanical extracts.
Price: 16.26 euro
Food Supplement "Formula 4 N.V.M.N", 120 capsules
Food supplement with vitamins C, E and A and alpha lipoic acid.
Price: 18.30 euro
Hair care    Face care    Body care    Sun Care    For Kids
Price: 0.95 euro
Siberian Wellness    Experalta Platinum    L'INSPIRATION DE SIBÉRIE    Siberian Pure Herbs Collection    SPA Collection    Vitamama BABY    Aromapolis Olfactive Studio    Siberian balsams
Price: 0.95 euro
Materials about products    Attributes
Price: 6.31 euro
Price: 6.31 euro
Natural Toothpaste + Toothbrush at a 40% discount
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One Stop Shop (OSS)

One Stop Shop (OSS) and distance selling 2021: the largest sales tax reform for e-commerce in the EU

Now sellers can apply national rules for their sales to other EU member states.

What will change in online sales to other EU member states from July 1, 2021?

The new system forms the basis for the implementation of VAT reform in the EU. The EU VAT reform was developed to enhance transparency as well as to strengthen and simplify exchanges between the tax authorities of member states.

Basically, it affects all companies doing cross-border business in the EU, in other words, all E-Commerce participants: the supply chain. This affects online sellers and marketplaces/platforms operating both inside and outside the EU, postal companies, and courier services.

For the end user/online customer, this means that as of July 1, 2021, he/she pays his/her country's VAT for an order in any EU country.

A customer from Poland orders from an online store in Germany. This means that the Polish buyer pays Polish VAT when ordering online in Germany, because the German company has to pay VAT centrally in Poland.

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