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Respiratory system
Nervous system
Liver and bile excretion system
For women
Regulation of sugar metabolism
Musculoskeletal system
Cardiovascular system
Urinary system
Immune system
Visual system
Digestive system
For men
Topinambur powder – NIC
Natural inuline concentrate
Price: €6.10
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Siberian Health luggage set
Two luggage bags with the Company logo (50,8 cm / 60,96 cm).
Price: €101.46
20% off Shaving Skin Care Set
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30% off Shaving and Washing Skin Care Set
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Question: Is my data secure in the online store?

Answer: Yes. Using the advanced settings of the online store configuration (SSL-encryption) guarantees an optimal protection of your personal data.


Question: Is there a minimum order amount?

Answer: No.


Question: Are the products that I put in the shopping cart going to be automatically held for me?

Answer: No, since the products are held only upon confirmation of the order from Sibvaleo GmbH.


Question: How can I find out about my order status?

Answer: After placing the order you'll receive an automatically generated confirmation by email.


Question: How long will take to process an order?

Answer: An order is prepared to ship within 1-2 business days upon confirmation of payment. Payment is considered confirmed when the money is deposited into the Company's account.


Question: How long does shipping take?

Answer: We ship by DHL and it takes 1-3 business days within Germany. The international shipping time depends on the country of destination for the shipment.


Question: How much does shipping cost?

Answer: Shipping of all orders of 31.5 kg or less within Germany cost 5.8 Euros. All orders of 150 Euros or more are shipped free of charge.

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Make an order for 150 € via E-shop and get Leg Cooling Gel for free!:

Make an order for 200 € via E-shop and get Rejuvenating Eye Cream for free!: